The Diet Solution Program

The 8 eBooks that make up the Diet Solution Program

The 8 eBooks that make up the Diet Solution Program

eBooks are no longer available.

The Diet Solution Program consists of 8 eBooks written by Isabel De Los Rios. Each of these books provides a vital role in the over all program and combined they really do build a weight loss program that in robust and sets a very high standard for others to follow.

  1. The Diet Solution Manual
  2. The Diet Solution Success Journal
  3. The Diet Solution Food Shopping Guide
  4. The Diet Solution Recipe Guide
  5. 14 Days To A Sexy Body
  6. The Top 10 Most Common Nutrition Mistakes
  7. Done For You Meal Plans
  8. The Metabolism Type Test

Many of these books can be used on its own while others are used to build your foundation. For example, the Metabolism Type Test is just used to determine what sort of metabolism you have. This information is then used throughout the Diet Solution Program.

The success journal is a template you can use to log all your dieting and exercising over the course of the weight loss plan. It is well laid out and once you get into the habit of recording everything it really does help you to see where you may be going wrong.

The recipe guide provides many delicious and nutritious recipes which match your metabolism type to ensure that you are eating the right foods for your body type.

The 14 Days To A Sexy Body sets some workouts and exercises which will burn fat and tone muscles effectively, and this workout combined with the diet solution plan can lead to excellent weight loss results.

Whether you just have a little belly fat or are obese this diet plan can help you. Like any weight loss plan the rules are only good when followed correctly.

This is in our opinion the best diet only weight loss plan on the market. It is well planned out, excellently explained and the science behind the plan is robust. If you cannot exercise, or just do not want to, then this plan is as good as they come.

This plan will make a great investment and even when you have lost all your excess weight you will be referring back to the Diet Solution Program books for guidance on maintaining your healthy weight with exciting and delicious meals.

Diet Only Weight Loss Solution

Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel De Los Rios

TheDietSolutionProgram is home to one the of the few successful weight loss programs that focuses solely on diet as a way of losing weight. We know from scientific research that dieting is the best way to lose weight.

Exercising alone rarely makes a big difference for the average overweight person. Reducing calories and eating a healthier diet is the best way to lose weight by far. In a recent study of childhood obesity it was noted that children became less active as a result of being over weight, not vice versa.

So what does the Diet Solution Program offer?

The Diet Solution Program provides you with all the essential facts about why the system works so that you are not following a new diet blindly. For example, they tell you:

  • Why calorie counting will fail you
  • Why carbs can be good for you
  • Why many “health foods” are actually full of energy you will never burn off which will make you fatter
  • Why eating is good

Weight Loss Myths Revealed

There are many dieting myths according to the Diet Solution Program, in fact they go as far as to call them lies. These are the main lies that we have all heard:

  • You need to eat fewer calories to lose weight
  • Low-fat food will help you lose weight
  • Low carb diets are best (i.e. the Atkins diet)
  • Supplements and fat burners are your answer to weight loss
  • Diet foods will hep you lose weight

We are confident that The Diet Solution Program really are offering a good weight loss service here.

Once you join the program you will be guided well to help you learn:

  • Tips and Tricks to Jumpstart Your Fat Loss
  • Everything you need to know about Carbs, Fat and Protein
  • Motivational Tips to keep you “on track” and consistent


  1. Hi Nhlanhla, it looks like they may have now removed this offer, I have requested some information from the DietSolution team. In the meantime I am sorry for any disappointment. The details of the Free Starter Kit will be removed from our review.

  2. If people had a diet like eating very few calories, can they go back to eating normal but healthy foods without gaining weight?

    • Hi Danielle, generally if people have been eating normal / healthy foods then they do not gain weight. Of course, the problem is that what many people consider to be a healthy diet is often not the case. No matter what food you eat, eating too much of it is unhealthy, so anyone that has been gaining weight for any length of time is not following a healthy diet.

  3. This sounds like a good plan, I read about it on Kate Middleton’s diet page at MotleyHealth. Did Kate do this diet? There seem to be a lot of books, why so many? Why not just 1 book instead of 8?

    • Hi Rebecca, I do not believe that Kate Middleton (or should we now call her Princess Catherine?) has ever done this diet. Sounds like her mum may have done the Dukan diet.

      This is an excellent diet plan though. There are 8 books simply to make it easier to manage them, as they are pdfs that you view on your computer (or you can of course print them out). Some of the books are for reference, some provide the logs, some the meal plans. They are really good. I have had the pleasure to read through them all (I personally review all the weight loss ebooks here) and it is one of the best if you are looking for a good diet plan.

      If you want to get fit too then there are some other good options, such as the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure and the Truth About Abs. Both of these also provide good diet plans (Mike Geary from Truth About Abs is a certified nutritionist) as well as workout plans.

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