Pure Physique – How to Maximize Fat Loss and Muscular Development – Book Review

Another new fitness book out this month is Pure Physique – How to Maximize Fat Loss and Muscular Development by Michael Lipowski. This book concentrates on building an effective training program, with chapters covering all the main aspects of training, including:

  • Getting the Proper Perspective on Training
    • The Muscle Factor
    • How Muscle is Really Built
  • The Components of a Training Program
    • The Seven Principal Components
  • Creating an Effective Training Program
  • Performing the Exercise
  • Aerobic Exercise (a.k.a. Cardio)
  • Nutrition: Fat loss and Muscle Gain
  • Psychological Aspects
  • Peak Conditioning: Looking Your Very Best on the Day it Counts

“You will get the chance to learn how to exercise the right way the first time around. This will make your training and dieting experience much less confusing. The actual work involved will not be easy or pleasant, but the confusion that typically surrounds exercise and nutrition and makes it difficult and burdensome will be eliminated.”

One of the principals that govern this book and Lipowski’s philosophy is the idea that “your training should be centered on getting the most
from the least amount of exercise necessary”. Quality of exercise supersedes quantity. The Importance of Training Efficiently is covered in details with explanations of why this approach works well to help you to build muscle and lose weight.

The book finishes with some excellent advice on nutrition, and makes a very interesting observation on fat burners and caffeine:

“Caffeine is responsible for most of the physiological effects of fat-burners, which is why it is the main ingredient in all of them. Caffeine by itself provides the same benefits as most fat-burning pills and drinks, to a lesser degree because of smaller dosages and the absence of other substance which “amplify” its effects. This makes caffeine an alternative for those who cannot tolerate or do not like the stronger effects of fat-burners / thermogenics.”

Finally, something so often overlooked in a fitness book, as a concise four page index of all subjects covered. This is a very wordy book on fitness training. It is lacking in illustrations, but heavy on explanations for the methods of training that are suggested. Like many of the popular eBooks that are available to download, this book provides a system for using weight training to help you lose weight and get fitter and well toned.

The book is available from both our UK and US Amazon stores:

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