Vince DelMonte's No Nonsense Muscle Building and Your Six Pack Quest

Bodybuilding eBookThis is the muscle building system that has been developed by Vince DelMonte. Vince is confident that even the hardest gainer can build 10 pounds of muscle in 2 weeks on his system.

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Vince’s system is very much a “clean” bodybuilding system. The exercises are simple and well explained, the nutrition plan is more common sense than hi-tech.

With this system you will need to workout 3 to 4 hours per week, so do not expect easy weight loss with Vince. It is about working hard and working right to get the best results.

His workouts consists of the big compound movements using free weights and intensive bodyweight exercises. This system builds muscle quickly with a combination of weight training and focused nutrition.

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  1. hi my name is layten newberry and i am having problems getting an appetite and i dont know how to even begin to gain weight!..i am 5ft 11in tall and i weigh 128lbs…i was wondering if you could be any help for me on any of this!?..i dont even know where to begin like i said i dont have an appetite half of the time!! any advice..can you help?..i am wanting to get atleast to 155lbs and stay there!??

    • Hi Layten. Exercise is your best option. Do some weight training 3 times a week and cardio exercise on the other days and you will increase your appetite. Also eat a well balanced and healthy diet, and you will start to build some muscle that will increase your weight. You want to increase muscle mass not fat, so exercise and healthy diet is the only optoin really. Vince Delmontes system will certainly help you to achieve your goals, as would the workouts in Truth About Abs or 31 Day Fat Loss (although called fat loss, it has good nutrition guides and workouts for building muscle).

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