Kettlebell Workout eBooks and Training Programs

Man hold 2 kettlebells above his head - photo by itshollyWhy are kettlebells so popular? Well, for starters, kettlebells provide a fantastic workout. Here are the main benefits of kettlebells as far as we are concerned:

  • They provide a full body workout
  • You only need 1 kettlebell to start with – much cheaper than free weights or gym membership
  • They take up very little space
  • They provide excellent muscle building workouts
  • They burn fat by providing a combination of cardio and resistance training
  • They work the core to tighten and tone the stomach
  • They are great at helping you to lose belly fat fast
  • Workouts can be done anywhere – at home, in the garden, at the gym
  • The movements start pretty simple and you can learn how to workout from a fitness book

How Much Is A Kettlebell?

Kettlebells vary widely in price, top brands can cost more than doubly a standard kettlebell. The main difference is really in comfort and cushioning. Some ‘bells are pure iron, others have rubber or vinyl coating. Most sports shops sell some, eBay merchants are generally well stocked.

A 16 kg kettlebell (35 pounds, a good starting weight for a man) retails for anywhere from £20-60. The bigger the kettlebell, the more it costs. There are also some adjustable kettlebells on the market now. eBay is a good place to search for Kettlebells as there are many independent sellers in the UK. High street stores generally do not stock them, although you can find some small/light vinyl ones in some shops.

How To Train With Kettlebells

There several ways to learn to train with kettlebells. The best option is probably to find a kettlebell instructor that can take you through the movements and devise a workout schedule for you. However, this is not always affordable, so an alternative is to follow one of the many online kettlebell training programs. Here are a selection of the most popular ones on the Internet (at time of publication).

Kettlebell Burn – The Ultimate Kettlebell Fat Burning Program

This program teaches you how to use kettlebells to burn fat. The intensive and fun workouts get the whole body moving and help to raise metabolism to burn more fat.

The program requires you to exercise for around 3 hours per week, and this will help the average person lose about 2 pounds per week. So in just 3 months you could be 26 pounds lighter and much fitter and stronger.

The key to this system is the Purposeful Program Progression which ensures that you are always working harder to get fitter and leaner. It uses the overload and overcompensation princpals of strength training. Learn more at

Kettlebell Fat Loss Workouts

This workout system also teaches you how to workout with kettlebells to burn fat. It comes from the Turbulence Training team, which is a very well respected fitness plan for weight loss. This kettlebell is designed by Chris Lopez, one of Craig Ballantyne’s Certified Turbulence Trainers.

In addition to the main program they also provide 10 minute kettlebell circuits. They also have a try before you buy offer. See to learn more and order a copy.

21 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge

This is Josh Hillis’ simple kettlebell challenge. He is a certified kettlebell instructor and provides a very affordable ebook. Each of the 21 workouts last around 20 minutes. It promises to help you burn more calories than you ever have before. See to learn more about Josh Hillis’ system.

Kettlebell Training for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

This is a kettlebell training system that is designed to improve functional strength for martial arts. The system aims to improve your strength for mat work, as well as

This system has been developed by Jason Brown, an internationally acclaimed kettlebell training expert who has been coaching BJJ fighters for almost 10 years. He teaches you why traditional bodybuilding exercises do not work for fighters, and most importantly, how to train with kettlebells to improve your power and strength. Learn more at

125 Kettlebell Workouts

This workout comes from a pro Kettlebell instructor Greg Brookes. It teaches you how to work all your major muscles to burn fat in just 20 minutes. Visit to learn more and order the ebook today. There is also an ebook on “How to Start and Teach Kettlebell Classes” for the more adventurous.

KettleBelleBody Programme

This program is designed for women, and described as “The Smart Workout for Smart Women!”

It has been developed by Caroline Radway who is a UKKA Kettlebell Coach. This kettlebell system has been designed to provide people of all fitness levels a robust and effective exercise method to get fit and lose fat. Visit to learn more and order your copy.

Remember To Buy Your Kettlebell!

Remember that none of these workouts come with a kettlebell, so remember to buy one first. Most supermarkets sell them these days, as well as eBay, Amazon and major sports retailers.

Photo credit: Photo by “It’s Holly

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