How To Start Running – eBook and Training Package

How To Start Running - eBook and Training PackageIf you have been thinking about starting to run for fitness and health, but are not sure where to start, then this book is an excellent place to start.

How To Start Running provides tutorial on how to run properly to get the quickest fitness and weight loss gains while also avoiding injuries.

The beginners running schedule sets out a simple running plan that you can use to start your running program.

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Main Topics Covered

  • Learn what the common beginners mistakes are and how to avoid them
  • How to improve long term motivation to keep you running for years to come
  • Learn some specific running techniques to help improve your stamina and fitness levels much quicker
  • How to make your running more efficient to reduce the time spent running to attain the same fitness and weight loss goals
  • Calculate your ideal running time and workout plans
  • Help you lose weight quickly and keep it off
  • Be able to easily run a 5km race at the end of the training

You may want to start running to lose some weight and get fitter or you may be an infrequent runner that does an annual charity races arranged through work or with friends. If this is the case then a good running guide is essential to get you on the right track immediately.

The Book Tackles These Typical Problems

  • After a few weeks you feel that you are no longer getting fitter or faster
  • Your legs start to cease up with painful joints, especially the knees and ankles
  • You reach a “wall” in your training. Although you want to run further your body just does not want to let you
  • You cannot find the time to run as much as you feel you need to lose weight and get fit
  • You can never seem to improve your cardiovascular fitness enough to allow you to run properly

Bonus Books On Nutrition and Injury Prevention

Bonus ebooks come as part of the package, which include information on how to boost your metabolism, how to prevent and treat injuries, healthy smoothie and soup recipes and planning guidelines.

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    • Hi Madeline, I think that largely depends on how your manage your running. If you are doing longer runs or very intensive sessions then a rest day is a good thing. Also your level of fitness and how well you fuel your body, and how well you rest (sleep) is important in recovery time. Many runners run daily, many run twice a day. Really it is best to see what suits you.

  1. I’m trying to get ready for the academy by the summer and I at least want to be able to run 3 miles without stopping. How can I work my way up to that. Oh yeah I’m 6’5 300 lbs. Need help good running advise

  2. im looking to join the USMC and i need to get my running down to 3, 6minute miles, im not a good runner, i play football and we do sprint max power exercises, my fastest 1 mile at the moment is 7:30 on a treadmil, i dont know how long it takes me off the tread because i just run down a path and back, approx 2mile jog/walk and that takes me about 20minutes, how do you suggest i should get in shape and run?

    • Hi David, to get faster start with more running. Middle distance runners train over longer distances to build endurance. Then add in sprint intervals to raise VO2 levels. You need to be able to run 2 miles without slowing to a jog/walk and the only way to do that is to get out there every day and run 2-3 miles. Run 5 miles at least once per week too. Find a route to run on, measure the distance in a car or GPS and then work that route.

  3. I’m looking for a better and healthier life style. I also really want to loose at least 20 lbs. By the way im 15 and 155 lbs. I feel like for that age im a little over weight. Ive been running for 20 minutes for 5 days a week is that to much or to little? Should i be doing more?

    • That is not too much Tearrah, many people run a lot more than that. Make sure you are eating a really healthy diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables, this is really important so that you can maintain your energy levels when you run more. Most poeple will keep runs shorter (20-30 minutes) but focus on increasing speed though, then maybe have 1 longer run at the weekend.

  4. I am 17, my height is 5 5 and I weigh 169lbs. I want to try out for cross country for my next year of high school. I’ve found this 4mile route that nice. I’ve been walk/jogging it for a few months now and have lost 15lbs. How can I reach my goal of jogging it without walking or stopping to take a breath? Is this route long enough for me to reach my goal for cross country?

    • Hi Sade, a 4 mile route sounds perfect and it sounds like you are making good progress. To improve you just need to keep working at it. Make a point to try to run further each time before slowing to a walk. Try to remember how far you got last time and push yourself to run past that point next time. Also start increasing speed over short periods (nice straight and flat parts of the course) to build VO2 levels (i.e. heart and lung fitness). Run every day. In time, maybe a few weeks, do one longer run each week, do your route twice, 8 miles.

  5. Hi im 15 and my height is 5’1″ approx. My weight is 196lbs and my waist is an embarrassing 41″. I love the idea of running/jogging and would like to start. Could I really lose weight by doing this? Also any motivational or encouraging tips are very much welcome :) .

    • Hi GK. Yes you can lose weight. In addition to running you need to follow a healthy diet also. I can point you in the right direction on a lot of freely available resources on healthy eating.

      Motivation: to be healthy, to live a long and happy life, to achieve your dreams. Is that enough?
      Encouragement: You can do GK. It will be hard and there will be many times when you want to give up and convince yourself that you cannot do it, but you really can. One step at a time you can trim that 41 inch waist down to a healthy 34 inches. 1 step at a time, 1 inch at a time, 1 month at a time. Do whatever it takes.

      You may find you get good results by starting with a walking / jogging plan. Just do what you can. Try to exercise at least once per day for 45 minutes. Ideally do a little more.

      Please update us with how you get on.

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