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Weight Loss Blue Print

Simon Lovell, a fitness writer for various UK publications including Marie Claire, Daily Telegraph, Women’s Fitness, Men’s Fitness, BBC, as well as the author of the popular Lunch Box Diet, has decided to share with us his short guide to losing weight, The Weight Loss Blue Print.

The Weight Loss Blue Print is an eBook in pdf format, so you will need a pdf reader to view it (you can open it in your web browser if you have Adobe installed). It may take a minute to open / download on some Internet connections, so be patient.

7 Steps To Ultimate Confidence

This guide provides a few quick tips to losing weight and staying in shape. This guide provides some excellent motivational tips to help you stay on track with your weight loss plan. The main message in this guide is that weight loss is not a difficult concept, what is often the biggest stumbling block for most people is sticking to a plan and staying motivated.

Reverse Confidence Effect

Motivation and confidence is explained with the use of this flow diagram. It is a simple cycle really. Think of it this way – when you start gaining weight it is like being on a slippery slope. As you gain more weight you become less confident and start to lack self esteem. This often leads to self loathing, emotional eating and a tenancy to become lethargic and less interested in life.

To reverse the problem of weight gain you need to reverse this whole process. Start by making small changes which increase your confidence, provide small boosts to self esteem, get you a little fitter and a little slimmer at a time. Then you are on he steady rise back to good health and happiness.

Reverse confidence flow

Reverse confidence flow

So the idea is that by following your weight loss plan you lose weight. If you take extra care to be aware of your progress and they way that you feel, you should start to feel more positive about yourself and then start to work harder to make further improvements. This really is the opposite of being on a slippery slope.

Motivational Stickies

One of the ideas that I liked I the most was the usage of “stickies” to remind you why you want to lose weight. Stickies can be anything from “I want to look good naked” to “I want to reduce risk of CHD and diabetes”. Keeping in mind your reason for wanting to lose weight is a very powerful way to stay motivated.

The main advice is that the focus should be on good health before weight loss, which is a very sensible approach to losing weight and getting in shape. Maintaining a healthy diet is key to losing weight and then staying at a healthy weight. Losing weight may be a relatively short term scheme but maintaining a healthy lifestyle and healthy body is a life long challenge.

This is just a short ebook guide, however, it does provide some good tips on how you can stay motivated. Often when if comes to losing weight every little bit of advice and guidance helps. This free guide from a fitness trainer is certainly worth taking 5 minutes to read through. You can download / open to eBook here.

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