Fit Over 40 – Weight Loss eBook Review

Fit Over 40 Weight Loss ebook review

Fit Over 40 is a weight loss and exercise system that is written by fitness coach Jon Benson and weight training expert Tom Venuto.

This book really helps to motivate you to take action to get back into shape. Jon Benson was himself very overweight until he started exercising and dieting, as his before and after photo shows.

Not only does Fit Over 40 help to motivate you, it also explains why this diet and exercise system can help you to stop your ageing process.

The 3 Universals of a Long and Healthy Life

Fit Over 40 takes some of the teachings of Dr. Gupta who discovered the three “universals”, which are 3 principals that will help you to live a healthier and longer life. These 3 universals are:

  1. Weight training
  2. Good nutrition
  3. Positive thinking and having purpose

It may surprise you that weight training is one of the most important activities for helping you to remain fit and healthy into old age. In this book
Jon Benson explores each of these in great detail.

The book also showcases 52 case studies from men and women how who have managed to slow the ageing process.

You too can live a longer, more exceptional life by simply adopting a smart, realistic and enjoyable lifestyle fitness plan. And if science just happens to catch up with Father Time, you’ll be many steps ahead of the curve.

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