The Belly Fat Book

BellyFatTeam member after a workoutWelcome to the Belly Fat Book!

If you are looking for the ultimate guide in losing belly fat then you have come to the right place. Our Belly Fat Book includes the combined experience and research of over 40 years to bring to you the most simple and yet effect system for losing belly fat and getting in shape.

The Belly Fat Book is currently undergoing its final revisions but will be available to order from this site very soon – planned release date is January 2015.

In addition to our own book we have carefully reviewed a selection of other eBooks and real books that will help you learn how to get fit and lose weight.

The Key To Successful Weight Loss

The real key to successful weight loss is to follow these rules:

  • Exercise! If your body is fit it burns more calories and works more efficiently. Fitness plays a major part in our book and you will need to be prepared to sweat to burn off that fat!
  • Nutrition. Note that we do not say “diet”. Diet has become a bad word in some circles. Nutrition is more than just diet though. Diet is simply what you eat. Nutrition is understanding what you eat and why you eat it. Losing weight requires that you know how to eat to control appetite and also still provide yourself with the energy and nutrients to grow stronger.

As soon as our Belly Fat Book is available you will be able to order it here.

The Ultimate Guide to Losing Weight and Getting Fit